Clean Coal & Conserve Capital

Coal Cleaning With a Dry Plant

Dry coal cleaning technologies have proven to be reliable and effective for improving raw coal. The dry cleaning process produces a cleaner, more consistent coal fuel, with a decrease in undesirable pollutants such as sulfur, ash, and mercury, while increasing the BTUs per pound without adding moisture.

An air jig plant with a blue sky in the background.
Air jig plant with Ecart logo

About Us

Ecart works closely with coal producers to provide both financing and operation options for dry-processing, coal cleaning plants. Coal producers could improve their bottom line by implementing a cleaning or recovery process; by removing the capital requirements, Ecart can expand sales opportunities and create value from run of mine coal to otherwise discarded waste piles.

Ecart provides the dry processing coal plant to mine operators based on flexible contracts structured to meet the client's needs.


Opportunity Coal

Maximize reserves by recovering coal abandoned in the pit.

Run of Mine Coal

Increase the market price of your coal by removing deleterious material.

Waste/Gob Pile Coal

Discover value from waste by cleaning gob piles.